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Request for 14ladybuggirl

"Come on! You need to hurry, quicker!"

________ gasped for air, trying your heardest to keep pace with Ludwig. If you hated anything it was running laps around the axis headquarters for training, you always wanted to impress your crush Ludwig but when running you felt useless and weak.

You love the personification of Germany with all of your heart, everything about him made your body tense up and fill with excitement. You loved his scents of wurst and beer, his baby blue eyes and his slicked back blond hair, the tight fitting green uniform he always wore with his perfect cap. Everything about him was perfect.


You blink suddenly, releasing you have been slowing down to Feliciano's pace and running to catch up. You stagger to Ludwig's side, breathing deeply while you struggled to keep pace.

"_______-san?" You turn to see Kiku running behind you, his voice full of concern. "Are you ferring arright?"

"Ja, you seem to be sloving dovn rather quickly." Ludwig said, barely breaking a sweat as he continued to run ahead the both of you.

_________ felt his face warm up, shaking your head as you continued to run alongside them. "N-No, I am fine. Don't worry about me."

Although they seemed to have only shrugged it off, both of them were left concerned for the poor ________ as you struggled to keep up. They both knew _______ was a powerful man, you were strong and very loyal. It was only when the axis went for a run that you seemed to be the second weakest on the team.

Ludwig bit into his lip, watching you continue to struggle behind him. He was worried for your condition if you kept it up, finishing his twentieth lap before stopping. "Alright, ve are finished for ze day."

Feliciano happily cheered as he finished his lap, Kiku formally thanking him before leaving. Now you and Ludwig were left staring at one another for only a moment, your face heating into a blush before you whispered. "T-Thank you for the run." Then rushing off to go take a shower in the shower room, feeling your manhood throbing inside your pants just by thinking about Ludwig. You loved him, just seeing him was enough to give you excitement.
_________ felt the warm water dripping down your skin, shampooing your ________ hair peacefully. You were enjoying the water and the peaceful silence you were recieving in the wide room full of shower heads. The only sound was the humm of your shower and the water it created, other than that you were left with only your own thoughts.

You were thinking about Ludwig, the water around you trying to create images of you with Ludwig in the shower, the warm water beating against his perfect body. His perfect bare body.

"Stupid me!" You pounded your fist against the white tile wall, not wanting to find yourself growing hard and excited over the thought of Ludwig showering alongside you.

There was suddenly the sound of a door opening, a german voice filling the room. "Is somezing ze matter?"

You are stunned when you see Ludwig, lacking a scrap clothing on his body. Your face turning redder than one of Antonio's tomatos as you inspected his manhood from where he stood. You tried to direct your eyes away, but you found yourself unable to.


You are pulled from your thoughts, facing Ludwig and faking a smile. "Oh, hey there, Ludwig."

"Hello, __________." The German man said, getting closer to you and turning on the shower head beside your own. "I hope you vould not mind if I took a shover."

Your face continued to heat up, he really is going to shower with you! "Uh, no. Go ahead!" You nervously laugh after saying this, trying not to think to much about your wish coming true. Your manhood suddenly waking up, needing attention and springing up, leaving you helpless to do anything. You had an errection and could not do anything about it.

"__________." Ludwig suddenly said, stunning you as you continued to keep your back to the person you loved more than anything else. "Could you hand me ze soap?"

"Uh, sure." You slowly walk to where you had set the soap down, keeping your back turned to him even when you handed it to him behind you. You wanted to look right at him, but you felt your errection trobbing and begging for interaction and you were scared for what Ludwig would say if he saw this.

You felt Ludwig take it, making a very unsatisfied grunt. "_________, vhat is vrong?"

"Oh, nothing." You lie, feeling your face continue to head up madly.

Suddenly you feel a strong palm place itself onto your shoulder, this arm whipping you around so the both of you can see one another. Both of your bare bodies facing each other, the ice blue eyes of Ludwig falling onto your errection as he smirked. "I see."

You blushed harder, suddenly feeling Germany pull your back against his chest, one hand cupping against your awake member. "Do you need some attention?"

"L-Ludwig!" You shout, continuing to blush madly as his strong hand began rubbing your attention spot. "What are you doing?!"

Germany smiled softly, nuzzling your ear as he softly said. "We both need attention, let us fulfil our needs."

You blush even harder, unable to say anything before you are pressed against the wall of the shower room, the warm water beating against your skin as the strong lips of Ludwig were pressed against your own. The both of you passionatly kissed for a moment, Germany's tongue exploring your mouth and playing with your own. You loved this so much, tongue's soon playing together in harmony while your bare bodies press even closer together.

Soon the kiss was broken, a warm drip of saliva dribbing down your chin as Ludwig smiled and kissed your cheek. "I vant us to enjoy zis moment."

As Ludwig went to change the both of your positions, you then noticed the rather large errected member of Germany. He was just as excited as you were, laying your body down under the warm shower head. You knew just what was about to happen, finding yourself filling with more excitement as you watched this happen.

"Are you ready, _________."

You slowly nod, growing much more excited as the warm water continued to beat against your bare body. "Please."

Two fingers owned by the german slowly entered your back enterence, slowly pushing through the muscle of your hole and beginning to loosten it up for his member. You bite into your lip, feeling the only bit of pain you would be feeling. His fingers beginning to move around for a moment before they were removed and Ludwig then got much closer to you.

"Oh, ___________." Ludwig whispered, his hardened member pushing itself into your hole slowly. You feel a pinch of pain for only a moment, and then you had Ludwig inside of you.

By now you were more excited than ever, needing to have the attention as you softly whispered. "Please, right now."

Ludwig chuckled at your begging, taking a hold of your hips and then thrusting inside of your being. It took a few times, but he soon hit your pleasure spot. You then moaned with pleasure, exciting Ludwig as he thrust inside you harder and much faster.

This went on for another minute or so, Germany trusting one final time before releasing inside of your person, a warm feeling rushing inside of you as the parts of Ludwig shot into your body.

The german collasped beside you, the both of you panting with excitement and exhaustion. Your ________ eyes met the thrilled eyes of Ludwig, the man softly saying. "________."

"Yes, Ludwig?"

"Ich liebe dich.." His voice sincere as he panted, softly and tenderly kissing your forehead.

Your face grew hot once again, smiling softly. This was your entire dream coming true right before you. You could not believe this was happening to you, this was wonderful. "Ludwig."


"Ich liebe dich, too."
Holy crap! This is my first lemon I have written on my own and it was Yaoi!!! That was exhausting and I fear it is not that great. However, since this is Yaoi it will either bomb or succeed. I will have to find out I guess.

Anyway, I have a ton of requests I need to do now...I should probably sleep first
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OMG im just dying i cant stop laughing 
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pmkntrainerred Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Student Artist
That's how exactly how I act
Mylittlecloney Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
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DaniellaCrest Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist
I think the term would be 'Ich liebe dich, auch'. Not, 'Ich liebe dich, too'. UNLESS READER DOESN'T SPEAK ACTUAL GERMAN AND JUST KNOWS ICH LIBE DICH. (Dammit, my Language Nazi mode has kicked in...)
Doki-Doki-kun Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Student Writer
Don't worry, I am the same and yes, the Ich Liebe dich, too was intentional because reader herself doesn't speak German.
SkyeAnnabellaLeeRay Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
..You mean hiself?
Doki-Doki-kun Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Student Writer
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tlbawesome Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
I no speak German but I understand more than what's in da story
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Well done, except just water doesnt make the best lube and when things are going up there YOU NEED IT. Trust me on that, I know. And if the reader is a virgin or hasnt had sex in awhile, stretching can take a bit longer. Now the other option to stretching (this is only for preestablished relationships, ones who plan on having sex later into the day) is a, well, buttplug. It keeps the person being entered stretched out, and if you want to know more about them, google is friend. Be careful though.
DarienOppal Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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Mistwolf4 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Student Artist
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Omni-Chan Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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